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Enthusiastic and friendly service attitude, prompt and punctual delivery schedule, and highly integrated logistics system are the important cornerstones for our fulfillment of our core value – “customer satisfaction”.

High quality products must be accompanied by first-rate service in order to achieve the satisfaction required by customers. Through the establishment of an ERP system, we can provide complete price quotation procedures within a minimum time, and make arrangement of delivery schedule to satisfy customers' individual requirements. Through the website and email system provided by our company, we can reinforce our integrated services to our customers. Meanwhile, experienced salespersons can quickly respond to all proposals raised by our customers.

Accurate and punctual delivery schedule is one of the important indexes pointing to our customers' satisfaction. We can complete the entire delivery process within 45 days after receipt of sales confirmation, and we can maintain an accomplishment rate of total items of delivery at 95% or more. Providing customized packing operations is an additional service to enhance our customers' satisfaction. We can provide the most efficient project, so that our customers' products can have the most unique product packaging and secure their market positions, and maintain such advantage on a long-term basis.

promise to satisfy our customers can never be compromised. All employees of HLIC/SanHo Industry Co. will make all efforts to achieve such core values, and regard every customer as one of our partners, who can share every bit of our value and profits.

Future prospects

More complete product lines, and shorter delivery schedule.

Establishment of Internet transaction platform, and provide more details of transaction information.

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