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ABILITY – Knowledged & Efficient


Spirit of innovation, plenty of equipment, streamlines production process, and systematic warehouse management is why we are able to serve our customers with best products.


Reliable sealing components stand guarantee for well functional engines. To manufacture durable and solid products, we have invested in instruments so that our sealing parts are up to the OEM standard or even better for over 30 years. Now we are competent to produce the most advanced M.L.S. cylinder head gasket and other complicated sealing components.


While more and more high-tech engine models have been developing in automotive industry, the tooling cycle must be fast enough to meet various demands from customers. We make the tools by ourselves to ensure the shortest tooling cycle. The large mount of tools accumulated in past 30 years also accelerates this procedure.


We have produced rubber components on our own since 1990. Currently, we have 6 sets of rubber injection machines. We are one of the two engine gasket companies that own this facility in Taiwan.


In our laboratory, we equipped with a coordinate management measurement machine (C.M.M.). Thus we can do the final test to make sure that our products are state-of-the-art. We are the only engine gasket company that owns the test lab in Taiwan.


From tooling to test, we are able to complete every procedure on our own. Therefore every producing detail is under our control. That is why we can promise the quality and give our customers most flexibility. We accept both small and big orders. We can produce each item on the order for low quantity. This ability make sure the 45-day shipment and 95% coverage.


For future commitment


1.        Researching higher M.L.S coating technology.

2.        Equipping more completely.

3.        Achieving 100% coverage on shipment.

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