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Founded in 1969, HLIC/SanHo Industry Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research, development, design and production of engine gaskets and sealing parts. Our production lines include standard gasoline and diesel engine supplies to all leading car manufacturers around the world, as well as engines for agricultural and fishing purposes, power generators and appliances, forklifts, and industrial machines. We have earned international quality certification and professional assurances and have gained the highest confidence from customers in all professional fields. For the past 35 years, we have pursued innovation and excellence, aspiring to sustained business operations in the 21 st century and beyond.  

Chronology of Manufacturing Plant Achievements & Events

1969 Founded in TaoYuan City as the second engine gaskets parts production factory in Taiwan ; paid-in capital of US$160,000.

1971 Paid-in capital increased to US$220,000.

1978 Set up Asbestos Products Department, specializing in the production of cylinder packing paper made of asbestos materials.

1980 Paid-in capital increased to US$400,000.

1981 Paid-in capital increased to US$500,000.

1992 Added a production line for the production of MLS cylinder head gaskets, intake/exhaust manifold gaskets and heat insulation protective shields.

1994 Set up Rubber Products Department

1995 Set up a production line for automated production of cylinder head gaskets

Paid-in capital increased to US$1,000,000.

Became a member of Taiwan Transportation Vehicles Manufacturers Association

1996 New plant completed; punching equipment replaced with new; introduction of the latest pneumatic and hydraulic punching press equipment; the number of large models (80 tons or more) increased to 20 sets, and small models increased to 20 sets.

1998 Company reorganized; continued increase of production lines and quality control department

2000 Closed the Asbestos Products Department as a token of our policy to sustain an environment of non-asbestos products in the entire plant

2.5D CAD/ CAM system used in manufacturing jigs and product inspections.

2001 Passed ISO 9001:2000 international quality management certification

2002 Implementation of environmental safety project, becoming the first factory in Taiwan specializing in the production of engine gasket parts with exclusive use of non-asbestos materials.

Introduced computerized ERP operations to create a complete IT environment and customer service system.

2003 Passed QS 9000: 1998 international quality management system certification

2004 Passed ISO 14001:1996 environmental quality management certification

Increased Rubber Products Department; the number of rubber injection machines increased to 12 sets

2005 Paid-in capital increased to US$1,800,000.

First automatic warehouse storage access system (AS/RS) in use

Introduced computerized ERP2 operations to provide real-time monitoring and integrated logistics control.

2006 Chosen as the first original founding member of INTERFACE SOLUTIONS cooperative partner in Asia

The second to the sixth automatic warehouse storage access systems (AS/RS) put to use.

Logistics processing center put to use

Passed ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification

Prospects and self challenge in the future ten years

Completion of logistics operation system, shortening delivery schedule to 14 workdays

Intensification of the rationality and immediateness of operation flow, and establishment of an environment using the Internet as a platform for transactions

Interior auditing and interior control operation in compliance with officially announced standards

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