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Future Development
Pursuing excellence is the ultimate mission of our company. We will continue to improve our products and service. In the future, we will focus on M.L.S coating technology, equip more completely, and keep stricter quality management to produce more stable, higher quality, and environmental friendly products.
After receiving ISO 9001 & 2000, we are working to acquire QS 9000 certification in 2003, and ISO 14000 certification in 2004. In the company management, we will seek to disclosure of material information in Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation. Consulted by Deloitte & Touche, we will open our financial report to the public.
In this era of e-commerce, we devote to establish total e-bossiness. We are constructing a trading platform on our website. By the time, our customers can order, check the proceeding, and register for the warranty online.
To increase more coverage of the shipment in shorter time is the goal we are working on. We expect that we can achieve the maximum of customers’ satisfaction in near future. We are constructing a stronger warehousing system to establish a logistics center of automotive engine gasket in Asia.

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